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A realistic tale filled with divergent emotions and twisted set of events. Three humans on the run forced to live in constant fear and utter despair. Captives in between walls, isolated from the rest of the world because of a bunch of criminal minds.
Is it true that there is nowhere to hide and family can kill you? Is there anyone they could trust? Should they give up hope or keep on running?

Watch out for this date only: 22 September 2017. The price was $2.99 and it's going to be free for download for a day – to keep forever and read whenever.

It's a book filled with gripping stories. Pity to miss this date: 22 September 2017. Don't forget to check her other books that will also be free until the 29th of September.

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Cristina writes because it's been her impossible dream since she was a child, but mostly, she writes to provide a better life to her octogenarian parents.

She is a self-published author and she needs you. Please help her to help her beloved parents who survived the Second World War and lived under a very oppressive communist regime. 

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