Expat Interview

Those who follow me and are aware of my work, now that I am an immigrant.
My memoirs are filled with stories from my "pilgrimages" in Italy and the UK.

What, you didn't know that I am a Romania writer? 
Are you living under a rock??? 
Shame, shame on you!

Kidding! Like I do in this picture.

Romania writer Cristina G. Expat Interview

I can't read 2 books at once.
Well, I can, I just don't do it. 
It's just to show off my shoes.
Aren't they gorgeous?

Getting back to business.
Below is one of the questions I replied to.

9.    What is a myth about your adopted country? 
That is rains every day. That’s utterly false!
What happens is that you can have four seasons – or even five – in less than one hour in random days. 
When you must go out, you look out the window and it’s sunny, so you dress accordingly. As soon as you step outside, it starts raining. The wind makes you feel like flying and all of a sudden, it’s sunny again.
Or vice versa. It’s dark (although it’s only 10 am) and it’s raining, so you put on your yellow rainy coat, your fancy wellingtons, and arm yourself with a grim face. As soon as you are outside, it’s sunnier than in Hawaii but you are late to your appointment (job, courses, etc.), so you move on with the same grim face imprinted on your soul. 
No. It doesn’t always rain in the UK. Sometimes it snows too. In July. 

If anyone is interested in reading the interview in all its splendor, please feel free to do so by clicking on this link.

Romania writer Cristina G. Expat Interview

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