Why do we cry when others cry?

Have you ever asked yourself why do we cry when others cry?
I have... many, many times.
And my answer was that we relate to the reasons a person cries.
I mean, we all go through many terrible things in life:

  • a death of a loved one
  • a breakup 
  • a loss of a friend, 
  • an illness, 
  • a professional failure, etc., etc., 
However, tonight while watching the movie "To the Bone" I could not stop crying when seeing those people in such a pain.
Their sufferings were not something I could relate to. I love eating and I have no problem with food.

Then why did I fell apart? 
Because I am an empath.
I know it's a movie and that's fiction but I also know that there so many people out there struggling with anorexia.
I feel for them so much.

We are always so judgemental... with everyone and everything even though we don't understand what the others go through.
We think that we are better.
We think that we would do better in certain situations. The truth is that we are only humans.
We can only do so much... .

We are judgemental even towards those with whom we have something in common... like a weakness, an addiction or a fixation.
We think that the other doesn't understand.
And it's true, nobody can understand. Only you do.

We think that we are suffering more... that our reasons for being addictive are the only ones that count.
Yet, from my experience, everyone's reasons are good enough to feel depressed or not loved because we are all different... unique.

Life is so complicated and we could find reasons for crying every single second of our lives... but life is also beautiful.
We just have to force ourselves to see it.

I wish nobody suffered, but in the end... we are all in trouble in a way or another.
The world is in trouble, the earth is in trouble... Yet, the sun rises every morning.
Every day is a new beginning. Fight and never give up. The sun will shine on your road too! 

Why do we cry when others cry by Romanian author Cristina G.
Picture from Pixabay

That's all I had to say.

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