Romanians are Leaving: Goodbye, Great Britain!

I am writing this with tears in my eyes.
I wouldn't want to leave the country that gave me the opportunity to pursue my childhood dream...
I wouldn't but it's the best thing to do right now.

Time to say goodbye, Great Britain by author Cristina G.

Following Brexit, the atmosphere's got very tense in the UK.
Some people are extremely upset, some are confused, some go with the flow, "whatever".
After careful consideration and much thought, I decided to go back home.
The irony is that due to the fact that I don't watch TV, listen to the radio or read the news, I knew nothing about the Referendum until two days before it happened.
I found out about it by pure chance. A friend of mine said she was worried about the effect of it if people voted "Leave".
I asked what was she talking about.
"The Referendum. English people want to leave Europe. They want us out."
"What?!?" I exclaimed laughing. "You're silly to worry. They will never do that. It's too much hassle. Besides, they need immigrants like us."
I laughed and encouraged my friend, a lovely French woman who's been living in England for 38 years or more.

The day in which the destiny of Great Britain has changed, I got up at 3:30 in the morning to write.
I switched on the computer and Google asked me if I wanted to see the results of the Referendum.
I smiled and thought: "I know the results! They voted 'Stay'". However, I clicked on the link prompted by Google and the blood froze in my veins.
I could not believe my eyes. "It can't be true. It must be a nightmare. I am going to wake up in a minute and laugh about this."
But it wasn't a nightmare. It was real. Very real.
I didn't get upset and I didn't worry, I was... in disbelief.
I wrote as every day and went to work. I was the first one to arrive in the office,  as usual.
I watched my colleagues coming in, one by one. Grim-faced.
Some of them were crying, some were really worried and some couldn't even think of what had happened.
We had a meeting, the managers were also in tears.
They promised us support and understanding.

How long ago was that?
Can't really remember.
It feels like ages ago.

Until the middle of 2018, I didn't think about it. Then I signed up to a letter from "Home Office". When I started receiving news from this office, I got worried. The idea of leaving sprouted in my mind but I choose to ignore it until I couldn't anymore.
One day, the 9th of January 2019, I woke up and felt that it was time to say goodbye.
In 4 years of living in England, I accumulated quite a lot of things.
I gave them to the charities. It would cost me too much to take them home.
All I can carry are two suitcases. The ones I came with. Nothing more.
You can buy things anywhere, but, as I said in this article on LinkedIn, I am going to miss my friends - wonderful, really wonderful people from around the world.

What a paradox. 
I was perhaps one of the few who never really worried or gave any thought to the Refenderum and now I am, maybe, among the first ones to leave.
I am heartbroken but I wasn't born here. I know my place.

Time to say goodbye, Great Britain by Cristina G.
Images from Pixabay
I don't have hard feelings towards anyone though, on the contrary.
When I moved here, in June of 2014, I didn't have any expectations. Yet, this is the country where my childhood dream came true.
I am an author and for that, I will always be grateful.

Goodbye, Great Britain!
I don't think I will ever come back, but you are more than welcome to visit me and the Humanitarian Foundation I am going to start when I am... home.
If you feel it in your heart to donate a fiver, the elderly from my village will very much appreciate your kindness:

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