Friends are the family I choose for myself: Testimony of magnanimity

I love my family, I love it very much.
However, I left my country and separated from those I grew up with a long time ago.
I haven't seen my siblings all together in more than 20 years.
If there wasn't for social networks and photos, I wouldn't remember their faces - that's also because I have aphantasia (the incapacity of picturing images in my head).

I moved so many times in the last 18 years that at some point I asked myself if I am a nomad.
I am not, not at all. I don't like moving, I really, deeply don't.
It's terribly stressing, tiring and expensive. But I had to move. I am an immigrant and I love learning.

In any place I lived, I made friends. Usually not on purpose because I am quite a solitary person and I cherish my freedom. Yet, I am sociable and some people like me, so we become friends.
I have many great friends all over the world.
Unfortunately, I also made enemies. Again, not on purpose. It just happened and I often had no idea why.

Anyway, that's life. I don't waste my time and energy thinking of my enemies, I have too many things to fix in my life. What they think it's their business.
However, because I am a writer, if they want to hurt, they usually don't waste any opportunity. In fact, they search for these opportunities.
I cannot stop them. It's their soul they are selling out.
The universe is my witness that I hold no grudge to anyone and I don't wish them any wrong.
I respect the Golden Rule and all the variants:
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 
So I leave them alone and focus on my life.

Anyway, is not about enemies and hateful creatures I'd like to speak in this post.
Friends and loving humans are my subjects of discussion.
They give me so much joy and I am immensely grateful.

This month, December 2018, something unexpected happened to me and, in one instant, I've found myself without a roof above my head.
I really didn't know what to do.
This, England, is not my country, I can't just go to my parents' house. They don't even live there any longer.

My homelessness situation happened so fast that I didn't even know what hit me.
So I sat on the ground for a few minutes incapable of thinking.
I couldn't go to a hotel as the reasons I was in this mess in the first place were the money.
'Oh, God. What am I going to do?'

Then I remembered that I have many friends.
So I called Gene, the friend that offered me shelter and unconditional love when I moved to England.
She didn't hesitate for a millisecond. Even more, she offered to come and pick me up from wherever I was.
Her infinite kindness and understanding me left me speechless.
I really cannot find enough or the right words to thank Gene.
I owe her everything I am today. Without her, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to follow my childhood dream.
One day I will pay her back somehow and I believe that my success would be a great way to do it.

Gene and I have different personalities and tastes, but we think alike in many aspects of life and we have various traits in common. One is humanity. We both do unto others as we would have them do unto us. 
Not all humans can say that and not all your family members either.

Friends are the family you choose for yourself by Cristina G.

But Gene isn't the only one who offered me shelter and support in this difficult moment of my life. Eva, another great friend of mine, did the same.
And again, Gene and Eva weren't alone in this testament of magnanimity, at least other four friends invited me to stay with them for as long as I need it. No questions asked.
You don't need to have wings to be an angel, you just need to have a heart and use it. 

I will be grateful in this life and all the others until the end of time.

Content people say that every human has at least three things to be grateful for every day.
I have more than three.
When I go to bed and get out of it, I thank the universe for my amazing friends and for the fact that I can walk, speak, hear, work so I can fix what I've done wrong to get here.

Words can never be enough but I won't rest until I would have paid them back. Or forward. Or both.

I wish you many friends like mine.
Be a friend like that too. It's not that difficult.
You just have to care and share. 

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