Give to Caesar what Belongs to Caesar - Thank You, Pixabay!

Are you a blogger? 
Or do you run a website? 
Where do you take your pictures from? 

I don't know you, but I take them from Almost all.

Today I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all photographers who volunteer their work on this fantastic page.

I've lost months looking for free resources for my blogs, and this website is the BEST.
  • The pictures are absolutely breathtaking. 
  • They are big, high-quality and free to use however you like (commercial and private use). 
  • You are not even required to give credit to the website or to their amazing photographers. 
How cool is that? 
Who gives you anything for free nowadays? 

Thank you, Pixabay by Cristina G.

What's the catch?!
I don't know if there is any catch really. 
I checked their Terms and Conditions and everything is legit.

This website is a goldmine for creative people like me. In here you can also find, download and use as you please, short videos, abstract images, icons, vectors and much more. Now even adult content. Ha! I was slightly shocked, but, hey, it's legit. 
I might even use some images myself. 

What can you do with free pictures if you're not a blogger?
  • You can use them on Social Networks.
  • You can design fabulous book covers for both Kindle and Paperback versions. 
  • You can also create amazing trailers, sliders, videos to promote your work or company (for example) without spending a penny. If you know how to make them. I don't. 

I am a writer. These things are outside my field of expertise. 
I could learn, I am sure, but when would I write my stories? 
The days have 24 hours for me too. 

Ten Years in Italy, Three Weeks a Human-A memoir by Cristina G.
Ten Years in Italy, Three Weeks a Human by Cristina G. Credit image: Pixabay
I just felt the need to express my endless gratitude to those who came with this concept. 
You make my blogs to look so attractive. 
You inspire me.
You make me grow and strive for perfection. 

Ten Years in Italy, Three Weeks a Human-A memoir by Cristina G.
A Memoir by Cristina G. Credit image: Pixabay
Please forgive me for not always inserting a link on every post where I use your photos. Almost all. 
It's simply not possible. 
And sometimes I am so busy that I don't have time to mention that the pictures are Yours. 

Today I used a gorgeous picture from your website to set up a gig on Fiverr. 

If you're a creative person in need of followership, contact me to promote your work. 

Guest posts & Interviews applications are now opened.  

Every creative person (not only authors & poets) who works hard is more than welcome. 

  • Book cover designers 
  • Apps & programs developers 
  • Website & Blog Template creators
  • Lyricists 
  • Photographers
  • Painters, sculptors and so on. 

Just know that I am always and forever grateful. 

May the universe be always on your side. 

Thank you, Pixabay by Cristina G.

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