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I have been working for 5 days without a break.
I only stopped to sleep for a few hours.
I am absolutely exhausted.

My hands were frozen at some point. I couldn't type no more. My feet too. So I had to get a bottle of hot water to get warm.
The central heating works non-stop but I have very dodgy windows. They aren't even mine. It's a rented flat. Very quirky but so, so cold inside.
I am hoping to buy me a house at some point in my life. A house with triple glazing and big empty spaces.
Ehehe... dreams... and hopes. 

I believed I went to the toilet a few times.
I mean, I am sure I went to the toilet.
Who doesn't use a toilet in 5 days, right?! 

I ate biscuits when I was hungry. Lucky that my house is a grocery shop. Opened 24 hours a day.
But do you know what?
I don't even like biscuits. I mean, I cannot stand biscuits! I never liked them.
Why do I buy them then?
Good question.
I guess I buy them when they are in sales. I don't know.

Last night my nephew brought me a pizza though. I didn't have time to eat yet.
I will. Maybe later.
Now I am writing although my head hurts quite badly.
And my neck is blocked.
Do you know where I work? 
Standing on my bed.
I do have a desk, but nobody could work for 20 hours each day sitting on a chair. I've tried it. It was awful. No more.
My bed is the best desk that anyone could ask for.

Anyway, fellow authors for life,

As I am fluent in 3 languages, I set up 3 blogs to help you promote your work as I said in my previous post.

They look amazing as I spent more than a month to set them up. I took care of everything. 
Template search, installation, widgets, etc. etc. etc.
If you're a blogger (on Blogspot), then you know what I am talking about.
It's a colossal job... especially for someone who doesn't know much about HTML and CSS codes.

Check them out and see for yourself if I didn't do a great job.
Don't get me wrong, there are loads of things that need to be addressed, but as for now, I am happy with them.

You're invited and welcomed to ask me to publish a guest post about you and your book.

Wait, you don't even have to be a writer to ask me to promote you. You could be any of the following creative people:
  • Book cover designers 
  • Apps & programs developers 
  • Website & Blog Template designers
  • Lyricists 
  • Photographers
  • Painters, sculptors and so on.
Please read the FAQ and trust me with your valuable work.

I wish you best of luck, fellow authors for life. 
Dreams do come true if you never give up on them. 
Image from Pixabay

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