The sun will shine on your road too

"The sun will shine on your (our, my) road too," is a Romanian proverb that my family uses a lot, especial one of my sisters, Alexandrina.
In English, this would be "After a storm comes calm." 

This proverb comes to mind when little goes well on someone's life.
Is a token of faith and hope and it's supposed to make one feel better.

Life is difficult for loads of people, and nobody can deny that.
But, after the storm, calmness settles in. There is no other way.
However, when the storm goes on for too long, we get tired, dishearted and often bitter and cynical.
It happens more often than you think and I know loads of people who got to this point and can't overcome it.
It's sad really because that's what life is all about since the begging of time. But we lose faith.

Things go bad, things go well, and it rotates. It can't be bad forever, but it could be good forever if we choose to remain positive in moments of distress.

Martin Seligman asked if happiness can be taught and many said yes.
I agree, and I am convinced that happiness can be taught as it can be learned
Unfortunately, it's a very difficult lesson to learn when hearts are bleeding, and eyes are blurred with tears.

One can only take so much pain, we think. Yet, many take more pain than others and still go on.
Have a look in hospitals.
Don't you agree? 

Getting tired is normal...
I am tired, exhausted really.

Three years ago I promised myself that I am going to focus on becoming an author.
I gave up everything else.
All I do since that day in November of 2015, is learning and improving my English, writing, publishing, promoting, and so on.
I knew it was going to be difficult, but I had no idea how difficult.
Difficult is an understatement when you are utterly alone on a certain path. 
All successful authors (or people) have someone that pushes them to the top.
Nobody can make it alone.

After three years of working alone, I realized that I failed.
I failed to find someone to believe in me.
I am sad because I know I deserve it, but how can I expect to find someone to support me in three years? 
People start somewhere. They always have a base.
I didn't. I started from scratch like a baby.
In three years I learned to stay on my feet and walk but after long periods of crawling.
I fell many times, and I stayed down because I was hurt and afraid to fell again.
But I got up and... fell... as I did all my life.

Can you relate to that? 
I am sure you can.

In three years, I was hoping to stop wobbling and crash down every other day.
I mean, after three years of so much hard work, I need and deserve my author career to have strong fundamentals.

During this time, I wrote and self-published 38 books on different genres in both English and my mother tongue.
Yet, I don't take pride in that because it got me nowhere.
I am still a baby who needs someone to guide her.

I wish I had a positive and optimistic end to this ramble, but I don't.

I need the sun to shine on my road soon because my hands are frozen and one can only take so much. 

The sun will shine on your road too by Romanian author Cristina G.

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