When Have We Lost the Power of Discernment?

Have you noticed that the world is going in a very dangerous direction?
People are losing the traits that make them human.

  • We ask without giving.
  • We become more & more self-centered.
  • We fail to distinguish between right & wrong.
  • We are blind, deaf & soulless in front of abominable acts.
  • Moral & physical depravation are behaviours to be proud of.
  • We climb to the top ruining lives & reputations of genuine people.
  • Recognition, Appreciation & Respect for hard work are not options anymore. 
  • We steal others' work and claim it is ours. Then we destroy them without mercy.
  • We give everyone the same treatment. Bad & good people are only & simply people.
  • We criticise, offend, insult, exploit, discriminate, abuse one another as if it was normal & correct. 
  • We see others' defects, errors, lacks, but we never see ours. And if somone point them out, we have an excuse for all of them: "I am not happy. I am not strong. I can't do this...."
  • We lie in bed, watching the ceiling or useless movies - playing games or wasting time on social networks - feeling sorry for ourselves. Then we expect & demand to be helped. 
  • But most of all, we accuse & blame everything & everyone for our unhappiness & failures. Everyone except for ourselves.

The human race has never ceased to amaze me.
I have been studying it for all my life.
There are things about people that horrify me.
Family members hate one another, children despise their parents, parents fail to raise and love.

Random people crash me over and over and over again.
People I try to help.
People I love.
People I respect.
People I would never even think to hurt.

I am heartbroken. Yet, I choose to keep sharing the love. Because being good is a Deliberate Decision. 

I am firmly convinced that this love will come back to me at some point in this life or the next... or the next... .

What you share, you shall receive. 
However, am I can't help asking myself:
  • Will it be another Sodom and Gomorrah? 
  • Or another Universal Flood? 
  • Who will survive this time? 
  • Based on what will a few humans be Chosen? 
  • Do I deserve to be among these Chosen Ones? 
  • Is loving everyone - regardless of the way they treat me - enough to save myself?
  • But most importantly, do I want to be saved?

I am tired of these people who have nothing human inside them. 
I am tired of being abused, exploited and considered an average human.

I am not like you! I don't blame you or others for my non-success.
But maybe I should because you are holding me back. You are wasting my time.
I work night and day because I have a purpose. This is my life, this is my choice! I can't be at your disposal. Pour your frustrations on your laziness.
Have you ever considered that you might be wrong, resentful and unreasonable? 
You need help?!!!
The internet is a free resource. That's how I learned and keep learning.
But it's too much work, isn't it? 
Well I know this far too well. It's colossal work. Continuously.
But you are not ready to stop wasting your and my time, are you? 

I have 18 blogs, 6 Facebook pages, a day job and a dream bigger than me. But the days have 24 hours for me too. I get up at 4 almost every morning.
What time do you get up? 
For how many hours a day do you work for?

I work all hours in which I am awake. ALL! Every day! I don't do anything but work!

Why should I give up sleep to help someone who disregards me? I don't owe you anything.

I can't live in hate forever. I don't deserve this. I really don't. And if you can't see it, then, please, move along.  I've never asked, I only gave. But I am empty handed now.
I've got nothing left to give. 

Do you... Can you even hear my prayers? It is me, Cristina - the human who works hard since she was a child. 
Do you know me? 
Have you ever turned your eyes towards me? 
Would you please cut me some slack? 
Take these bullies off me. I am not Jesus. Besides, I am over 33. It's too late to sacrifice myself for selfish & heartless creatures.

It's Never Game Over!!! It can't be. It won't be. 

May the Universe be always on genuine people's side.

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