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I've written a more complete variant of this posts on Linkedin
However, I need to make public a few things on my blog too.  
It's not easy to write about myself and my work. It does not come naturally to me. 
I said this before. 
But I am an indie author and if I don't do it, somebody else will do it about themselves. 
Is it really them, you against me? 
Not at all. 

We are individuals with completely different styles who write about different things. 
No writer should ever be in competition with another writer. 
But that's a utopia like many others. 

In my country, I couldn't even dream to be a writer. 
In Italy, I was a prisoner of geography. 
UK has given me the only thing I ever wanted: the opportunity to be an author. 

I am Romanian by heart, soul, body and mind. I love our traditions, I adore my language as I adore my family, but I can't live there. 

"Time goes by, time comes along,
All is old and all is new;
What is right and what is wrong,
You must think and ask of you;
Have no hope and have no fear,
Waves that rise can never hold;
If they urge or if they cheer,
You remain aloof and cold. ... "

Glossa by Mihai Eminescu translated by Adrian G. Sahlean. 

I wrote and published in English because I thought I'd had a larger readership. 
I was so naive... still a simple country girl. 
I have learned so many things since then... cruel realities that I wished I never heard of. 
But that's life on Earth. 
I am not the first or the last author who struggles so much to succeed. 
I am just one of many. 
Except I won't give up as long as I breathe. 

These days I published my last work: "14 Nuanțe de Roșu - Amintiri din Copilăria Comunistă = 14 Shades of Red - Memories from a Communist Childhood."
The most important of my entire career. 
Although not the first one to be published in Romanian, this is my debut book on the Romanian market. 

I have not slept many nights, I skipped lunches and dinners, I cut everything and everyone out, I isolated myself completely to finish it. 
And that because I was too late to show it to my father. 
And he left this world not knowing that I was writing a book dedicated to him. 

I am terrified of my fellow nationals judgment. This book means more than life to me. 

You think Romanians are strangers to discriminations, prejudices and abuse towards their brothers? 
Think again. 
We are all humans and I was born a farmer. 
I shouldn't be here demanding recognition for a book I wrote because I shouldn't have been allowed to do it. 
It was not in my destiny. 

(Quel) che sarà, sarà because I am a writer. I am that, I am! 

14 Nuante de Rosu by Romanian author Cristina G.

The book has 550 pages bursting with true communism history lived in the first person.

Due to its excessive length, it was divided it into 2 parts – “Vremuri Apuse & Toate-s Vechi = Forgotten Times & All is Old” and it was published in 3 volumes in both paperback and electronic formats.

The third being the one that comprises both named: “Epoca de Aur = The Golden Age (Era, Epoch).”

My book has a great cultural value for every Romanian, the generations of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Because it does not contain any obscenities and it’s written in a simple language, all Romanians from around the globe, are invited to read it.

For more information, visit https://scriitorcristinag.blogspot.com. 

Whoever desires to review the first volume: “Vremuri Apuse” on Amazon, Goodreads, Google or personal pages, receives a free PDF copy. 

If you are interested in purchasing the book and support me, please do so on: 
This year is Romania’s Centenary: 100 years since the Great Union. An impossible dream for Romanians back in 1918. I can relate to that.

Happy Birthday, Romania! This book is for you! 

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