Thank You! - Retrospective and Introspective

I was supposed to publish this post before the end of 2017, but I had too many things to do and I wasn't able to do so.
I would like to thank all my readers, especially to those who supported me with a nice comment (review), post shares, likes, etc.
Without you, I wouldn't have been able to have so many views and visits to my blogs and books on Amazon. 

Last year was an extremely busy one for me. I can honestly say that I have rested in total 2 days. And that because I was too disappointed by my  "insucces" to many of my projects. 

Anyhow, after a retrospective I wanted to accept that I have made many steps ahead. 
2 years ago nobody knew my work, now my stories are read by many people around the world. Although I didn't get what I am working for, I am on the right path. 

In 2017 I wrote and published 9 books (2 were written in 2016, other 2 were started in the same year, but finished and published in 2017). Plus 4 books in Romanian (copied from my blog posts: 3 with recipes + 1 collection of ironic and funny poetry).

I made many mistakes, but I learnt from them and this year I know what and how to do it.

My books received positive feedback, but also negative. I have joyed and suffered for all of them.

I have been hurt, ridiculed and ignored. At the same time, I was encouraged and supported even if not fully. Nobody believes I could be successful in my writing career, not even my closest friends. Maybe a couple of my family members. This is really bad. However, I can't give up. Nobody has the duty to believe in me. I am the only one who has to believe in me.

I have changed a little everyday in the past year. I am proud of how I think and act. I didn't reach perfection, but I am doing a great job. A job in continue development.
I understand people better and I am able to distinguish between good and bad/evil which for me it's a great skill.

I managed to stay away from negative people, from energy suckers/vampires, from opportunists and pathologically liars who blame an invisible disease instead of theirs pure and total egoism.

This is my retrospective for 2017.

From 2018 I would like to have what I have been working so hard to have.
I won't mentioned what again, the universe knows what I want.
I am firmly convinced that I deserve what I want because I have been working without a break to get it. I sacrifice everything for my dream and I will be successful. There is no other ending to my compromising.
I wish not to read disparaging and unfair reviews to my life story but creatures without a soul are everywhere at any other of the day and night.
That's why I ask the universe to give me strength to accept and move on.

I would like to thank the universe for being on my side from time to time.
Today I have read my very first review to It's Never Game Over - An Informal Self-Help publication.
It's a positive review and from what I gathered, "peggy"is a very good and generous person. She (or he) leaves mostly very good feedback to the books she/he reads.

Credit: Pixabay
May the universe be on all good people's side.
I wish these people only good things for 2018 and the years to come.
Thank you for reading and for supporting me.
Thank you for your kindness and attention.
Thank you for liking my Facebook pages and my blog posts.
Thank you for sharing and caring.
Without you, dear reader with a soul, I am nothing.
Blessings forever.

It's Never Game Over by Cristina G.

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