Free eBooks Schedule for September 2017

Do you like to read? 
What's your favourite genre? Romance, suspense, psychological thrillers, self-help, memoirs, true to fact stories? 
Whatever your poison might be, you are in luck. Have a look at the list below and download all of them now. Cristina works extremely hard to become world-famous. 
Save them in a special folder called "Cristina G. – A New Great Author" and read them when you have time. 
Please, if you like them and feel it in your heart, leave a review to show your appreciation.  

  • iLive: Stories From the Prison Called Life – One day only: 22/09/2017 
  • God is Weary: Tragic and Witty Short Tales  – Three days: 26, 27, 28/09/2017 

Cristina G. is a self-published author and she needs you. After you read the free eBook, take two minutes to review it on Amazon and/or Goodreads if you enjoyed it. 

Please help her to help her beloved parents who survived the Second World War and lived under a very oppressive communist regime. 

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