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Author Cristina G. Launches Her New Blog, Authorcristinag, to Offer Insight into Her Books on Love and Survival

Cristina G., author of books like “God is Weary”, has recently launched her new blog that offers insight to readers about her novels on love and survival.

UK, September 06, 2017: Cristina G. has just launched her new blog, and it is about her past and future works that deal with her pet themes, love and survival. The new blog, Authorcristinag, offers an easy glimpse into her works, and what she has on offer for her readers.

The author is not new to blogging. Encouraged by Sebastian, her brother, Cristina G. has been blogging for many years. She owns two very popular blogs in Romanian, and two in English.

In the last two years, she has written and self-published two memoirs, three novels, a self-help publication and a collection comprising of short stories. Her eclectic and unique style, her passion, steely determination and honesty, and an emphasis on human behaviour have won her fantastic reviews.

Each of her books consists of stories and accounts of love and survival, as seen in works like “iLive” or “It's Never Game Over.” Abuse, discrimination, self-growth, and immigration are some of her other pet topics.

The seventh daughter and tenth child of a 12-member family, Cristina G. was born in oppressive communist-ruled Romania. She immigrated to Italy in 2000, but discrimination towards immigrants forced her to return. Lack of opportunities again made her shift to the UK where, despite the Brexit Referendum, she managed to become a registered author.
She writes to construct a bathroom with running water for her beloved octogenarian parents. To help reach her goal, buy her books by clicking

About Cristina G.
Cristina G. is a Romanian author based in the UK, with novels and books like “Half my Age Plus Seven: A British Romance and Too Good to be True” to her credit. The daughter of a farmer couple, reading, writing, cooking and human psychology are some of her passions.

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