What do You Think of Immigrants? – Free eBook

As you may know by now, I am an immigrant.
I never wanted to abandon my parents and the only reality I knew.
I had no other choice.

I know I am not alone. There are thousands of millions like me out there. Maybe you are an immigrant too.

How do you feel? 
How are people treating you?
Where were you born? 
Which country do you consider yours? 
What language do you speak now? Do you still remember yours? Have you ever loved your language?
Why did you live in the first place? 
Would you go back? Why don't you?

I... feel alone in the whole world.
I feel like there is no place for me on this earth.
Maybe I was born in the wrong era, but most definitely I wasn't born in the wrong country.
I love my country and I adore my language.
Unfortunately, every time I am asked where am I coming from, I hesitate.
Because I am afraid of being labelled as a human of inferior birth.
I am not ashamed of being born in Romania. I am ashamed of being born in a world of racism without racists.
I am a prisoner of geography. I have no escape.
Everything I do is belittled.
Many doors are closed in my face when I say I am Romanian. Like it was a plague.
I have to work harder than anyone else to prove I am a good person.
If I ask for my rights, I am considered arrogant.
Everybody expects me to be happy living in misery because I know it well.
But I can't. I want my parents to have running water in the house too.
I want them to have the possibility to have a shower every day.
That's why I left. For a chance to a decent life. It is my right.

How much do you resonate with all this and infinitely more?

But do you know what's the worst part of this? 

The fact that you are discriminated by your own people too.

It's not about a country, a region, a nation being racist. It's about individuals/us lacking basic human feelings: compassion and empathy.

So, you should never affirm that Italy is a racist country. Or the UK, USA, France or Australia.

No... the truth is that we are prejudiced against anyone and everyone.
No matter where they come from.
No matter the language they speak. Or the colour of their skin. Or the sexual inclination.

No, we despise whoever and whatever. Some more, some less.

Who gave anyone the right to consider themselves superior? 
Based on what? 

Helping others while despising them, is not a noble act. 
However, it's better than discriminating only. 

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