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I have been writing since I was 8.
Becoming a professional author was merely a fantasy in a world of censors, oppression and indigence.

Despite all odds, I am an author for life now.
I wouldn't mind earning a living though.

I invest everything in this dream. Time, money, energy, hope...
It's hard to succeed in a world where most authors are business people.
But that's how it is, and we need to adapt if we have a dream.

Author for Life or for a Living? is a manifesto  I've published especially for authors who write their books before putting their name on the cover.

The book (click here) is FREE for download from November 18, 2017 to November 19, 2017. 


In my life, I heard many people saying that they could write a book with the story of their lives. I often wondered why didn’t they?
If your life has something of extraordinary in it, why not write it down?
No, this question is not addressed to everyone. Not every one of us wants to be a writer. This question is specifically for those people who think their life would make a great book therefore, they should write it because they have the subject.
You don’t need a school to put your life on paper. Don’t blame your poor grammar and vocabulary. You don’t have to publish it. Don’t blame the lack of time, you watch movies for five hours a day.
Where there is will, there is time.
Commitment is hard. Speaking is so, so easy. It makes you feel good without putting in the effort.
Am I right?
Seize the day! Don’t die regretting the time you lost. Don’t do like most and keep postponing. Now is the only time you’ve got. There is no later, no tomorrow, and most certainly there is no next Monday.

No, not today, just Now! 

Is reading a burning desire? 
Join an author who cares. Read the stories You Love. 

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