Love to Read Great Books? 66% Off on Memoirs, Self-Help, Novels

I am a giver. I love to spread the love and give people the opportunity to read all my books.
that's why I have reduced the prices to many of my books until further notice.

The price was reduced from $2.99 to $0.99.

The following titles are quite successful but lack visibility and awareness. Please, share this with friends, colleagues, family.
I can assure you that everyone will benefit from reading at least one of these books.

There is no point in having books that people cannot see.
Again, I don't write for myself.

I would love to earn a living because I invest everything in my passion. Absolutely everything. Time, energy, money, hopes...
Becoming a world know writer takes time though. And a lot of hard work.

So here is the list of the books on sale now.

Self-help, self-growth,  physical and mental health, inspirational, motivational

True to fact stories

Short and long humorous and tragic stories

Novel, romance, suspense - Coming soon reduced - Keep an eye on it as it is one of the most successful of them all.

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