Love to Read & Review? I Need You on my side

I don't know you, but I am shy of expressing my opinion on anything.

However, when something strikes me in a very positive manner, I have to tell the world what I feel.

When it comes to negative opinions though, I don't have the impulse to express them to anyone but myself.
Unless, of course, a product (any really: books, facial creams, clothes, etc.) is really bad and the seller wants to rob people of their trust and money. I cannot stand that.

That goes for blog posts, articles, books, etc. that are misleading with the only intent of making money on behalf of genuine and naive people. Like you and me.

I am an author and a blogger. Without you, the reader, I can't call myself that. So I have NO interest on misleading or rob you of trust, time and money. 

That's because I follow the Golden Rule. 
Do to others what you want them to do to you.  Matthew 7:12 
I am working night and day (seriously) to provide you with great stories and interesting blog posts. Because your time is as precious as mine. And I respect that.

Now, my books lack reviews. And, like it or not, the reviews are paramount for the success of your book  probably the most important thing that your readers look for.
It is not the story that attracts them to your book page, it is the cover (most likely) and the reviews.

You cannot solicit reviews and you can't pay for them. That's illegal.
But some self-published authors manage to get thousands of reviews with different methods that I won't discuss now. 

I am writing a manifesto for authors regarding this and much more, so please, subscribe below to get it as soon as it sees the light. 

Long story short, if you like my books, why not review them to help me get my lifetime work in the hands of book lovers around the world?

If you feel it in your heart to support and encourage me – an author who writes for you  please subscribe and Spread the Love.

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