A Quilt for Life – Fundraising for a Great Cause

I am very excited as our journey is almost over. 

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Almost finished! The borders are the last step
Two years ago (2015), Martine, Simone, Monica, Marijke, Sylke, Ewa, Evette, Roweena, and I, have embarked on a very bold project: to make a quilt by hand, from start to end. 

And not just any quilt and not only for fun. Fundraising was the main intent. 

Martine has an amazing friend, Clare, who invests a lot of her time to help people in need. Nepal-ease is the charity she is incredibly dedicated to.

We thought it was going to be fun. And it was. Very!

After a few gatherings all together, we realised that it was going to be more challenging and time-consuming than anticipated.

Socialising while putting together the tiny colourful squares
People got busy, time went by and my dear friend, Martine – the founder of this initiative – started to fear that our project was going to be lost and forgotten.

Although this is the busiest period of my life, I couldn’t let that happen.

We have committed, we need to deliver.

I put on hold all my projects, writing mostly, and for 6 days – 9 hours each – I have stitched to exhaustion to finish the penultimate operation Martine started a few months ago: batting the quilt.

My fingers hurt so badly and I am allergic to chalk it appears. :)
Now, Monica is kindly doing the final step: the borders.

I cannot wait to see the artwork in all its splendour. It has the colours of Nepalese people. Bright and happy. 

I am thrilled and so proud. I didn’t think we were able to make something so beautiful. Except for Monica – who is an expert at this as she makes loads of them – none of us had any knowledge regarding quilting.
Monica generously donated the fabric for the squares and she guided and instructed us patiently.

I still remember when I was looking at the tiny squares and think with apprehension: It's not possible to make something big and beautiful from these random pieces of fabric. We will never make it.

I was wrong and I admit it.

With a bit of luck and a lot of advertising, we are going to sell many raffle tickets and raise a lot of money for a great cause.
For us, this quilt is priceless. 

Here are Martine's comments who invested most in this dearest project.

"We aim to raise £500 or more but with a raffle of £2.00 each anyone can win the quilt done with much for a wonderful cause of my dear friend Clare Selly who dedicates so much of her time for the people of Nepal!" 

The back - Pink! Isn't this adorable?
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