Love to be The First to Read Stories in Progress?

"Humankind doesn't read anymore," I hear people saying all the time.
"With all these channels on TV, video games, social networks and countless other distractions, people have given up books."

I disagree with that. People read, some even more than before. 

Reading is for humans who like to imagine and identify with a character in certain stories.
It is for those who like quiet and peace.
The feeling you experience when you are alone with a story in your room, perhaps drinking hot chocolate, tea or coffee under a fluffy duvet, is incomparable to anything else. Isn't it?
Reading a story you resonate with is like making love with a perfectly imperfect partner who understands all your needs without you asking. (Cristina G.)

What a dream! Nothing compares to it.

We all have different tastes.
  • Some like tragic romance with a happy ending, other suspense romance. 
  • Many are crazy about science-fiction, fantasy, or horror. 
  • Perhaps you are like my friend who likes thrillers involving murder or crime. 
  • Or maybe you love memoirs. True stories narrated in a very engaging way without dates or thousands of names difficult to pronounce. This is my favourite type of book to read and to write. 
  • There are those who like erotic stories. Who can blame them? 
Are you one of those people who feel everything the character feel? 
Do you laugh, cry, snort with them? 
Do you fight, scream, dream alongside them? 
What about praying for them to be saved by the end of the book?

If the answer is Yes then, how do you feel about becoming a Beta Reader?

If you are unsure about the actions of a Beta Reader, I will tell you in a few words what these amazing people do.

The Beta Readers read a story: a chapter, or a few pages of a book and give their opinion about it. They help the author to write a story they want to read. 

  • Maybe a character is not very solid or pleasant. 
  • The title is not appropriate.
  • Perhaps the story is absurd and unrealistic. 
  • The plot doesn't flow easily. 
  • The style is too heavy. 
  • The names are not likeable. 
  • Too many tears or not enough.
  • A plethora of curse words and foul (vulgar) language. And so on. Anything that you don't like or would like to be different. 

My questions to you are:
Would you like be the first to read a story in progress? 
Would you like to help me write the stories you love? 

If your answer is "Yes, absolutely!" then insert your email here and wait for the first fragment from one of the books I am writing at the moment. 
It's a dystopian tale. Your opinion is paramount for me. 
You are free to say anything you like, just be respectful. 

If you don't like the dystopian style, I have other stories filled with love/romance, suspense, drama. 

Drop me an email with your favourite genre and I will send you a fragment from your favourite genre. 

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