Free Romance Novel – Half my Age Plus Seven

This book is having a huge success.
And although it has a sequel already (click here if interested), you can read it on its own.
It was conceived to be on its own from the start.

Why am I giving for free then? By the way, it's free from 7th to 9th of October 2017 = 3 long days. Don't miss it this time.

Because I want readers around the globe to get familiar with my name and style.

I've been told that my style gets to the hearts of highly sensitive people.
I already knew that because I cry when I write these stories. By logic, if I react this way, other people will do it too.
I don't write stories that don't initiate a reaction in my heart. Good or bad. It needs to move me first before it moves you and others.

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Every each of us has their own taste. What you love, I might hate and vice-versa.
I am a new author and I need to build an audience that is interested in my style and genre. Therefore, please share this with whoever you might think will appreciate.

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