Spam & Content Removed - Facebook blocks my blog links

It's been three or four weeks now since a reader told me that there is no content on my Facebook page:
I have worked for months to update this page.

I didn't notice it by myself because April has been a very tragic month for my family and me.
I didn't have enough energy to realise that all my content was gone.
When did that happen?

When I was informed, I was shocked but I thought it's a technical temporary issue with Facebook.
I didn't worry.
I hoped it will come back as sudden as it disappeared.

Then I have tried to publish a post, a post in which I speak about love, as I usually do.
Love is my main subject of discussion. 

The post was rejected.
Actually, a message error showed up when I tried to publish it on my dedicated Facebook page: "We can't retrieve data from URL." 

I tried again and another message appeared: "The content you are trying to include is considered unsafe by our systems. Remove the link to continue: If you think this is a mistake, please let us know." 

But again, I thought it was a technical issue.
  • There is no harmful content on my blog. 
  • There is nothing that could hurt anyone in any way. 
  • I am a very respectful blogger and writer. 
  • I never used a swear word in any of my posts or books. 
  • I don't attack people or organisations. 
  • I don't steal. 
  • What I do is fighting for the right to love, and against discriminations of all sorts. 
Why would Facebook block my links? 
Why would it remove all my content? 
What have I done? 
Has anyone reported me?
Is it really that easy? 
I mean, if someone reported my blog, isn't Facebook supposed to check and make sure it's a legitimate report? 
How many people need to report my links for Facebook to remove and block ALL my content? 
How many times does this have to happen for me to be banned from MY page?

I sent them fifty (50), if not more, messages since then.
I have kept trying to post, over, and over, and over again.
No reply.
I am completely ignored.
I am wondering if whoever reported me had the same treatment...

I asked them politely to check and let me know what's the problem. 
I've got two (2) messages back in a month. 
Both were automatic and informed me that they are having some technical issues. Then closed the case. 

If you are facing technical issues, why would you close a case? 
I am shocked. This is outrageous! 
How are you supposed to fix the technical issue if you close the case? 

I tried to publish a link on my personal page. 
The same issue, except in this case it told me that my links are spam. 
Why would my links be spam? 
Spam is when you send links directly to users. 
When you post 50 times a day. 
When you tag people. Etc. 
I post once every 3-7 days. 
And it's on my page! 
A public page.

The irony is that I paid Facebook to post ads for me.  I spent quite some money on promoting my page. Then it removed my content and blocks all my links. Added insult to injury.

I feel mocked and disconsidered. 
I feel like Facebook punishes me for something that someone else has done. 
I feel that Facebook doesn't care about its users, its genuine users. 

And if it's true that someone reported my blog, as I reckon, I feel that Facebook partnered with a felon to stop me from promoting my work. 

This is a disparaging action. 

A defamation campaign

It's everything I fight against. 

This is not a personal page I am talking about. I wouldn't care a bit for such a silly situation. 
But I am a blogger and a writer. 
This is harmful to my career. 
The only reason I have a dedicated Facebook page ( is to share my links and promote my work. 
How am I supposed to do that if Facebook treats my links as spam?
I am a writer, I don't write for myself. 

Maybe a fellow writer reported me. 
I wouldn't know why. And although I have my suspects, there is no single reason for why would anyone report me. 
Everything I do is promoting LOVE, self-development and tolerance. 

But people hate you for no reason. 
I know that very well. This is not news to me. 
Campaigns of abuse and discreditations have been made against me many... too many times before. 
This is not critics, this is bullism. Pure malignity. 

People hate you because your books sell more copies. 
People hate you because your work gets seen while their isn't. 

My questions to these people are:
Do you know that I work 20 hours a day, every day of my life? 
I have been doing this since I can remember. 
Do you know that I invest all my savings in promotions?
Do you know that I didn't watch TV in 20 years?
Do you know that I have no shred of personal or social life? 
I only work. Non-stop. 
While you spent time reporting me and hating me for something I haven't done. 

It's extremely upsetting knowing that people hate me this much. 
It's daunting. 
It's terribly scary to know that people have no remorse and no conscience. 
And what's scarier is that huge organisations, like Facebook, partners with them to ruin credibility and endanger careers of hard-working and honest people

But this is the world we live in. 
Isn't it? 
  • People want to have without the work. 
  • People take without giving. 
  • People envy. 
  • People chose to be mean instead of being good.
  • People.... have no hearts and no souls. 
This Facebook issue is a stupid issue... people get killed by other people because they love.

It's not the end of the world for me.
I've had way worse.
But it's annoying, it's frustrating and it's utterly unfair.
My career gets slowed down.
I should write novels, not posts like this. Or messages to Facebook who doesn't even reads them. 
Worst customer service ever!
Not really. No. It's not the worst, but close to the worst. 

I love Facebook. I always speak very highly of it. This time, I cannot understand why it acts this way. 

But, as my brother says: "For a person to be suffering without a reason, it means that person must have done something very wrong in a previous life."

Because, make no mistake, whatever you share, the universe gets back to you. In this life or the next, or the next, and so on. 

If I did wrong in a past life, then I accept the hindrances and the struggles because I deserve them. 
I regret my wrongdoings, I am sorry. I promise I will not do them again. In this life, I chose to be a good human being. 
Forgive me father, for I have sinned.
I hope this is the last mistake I am punished for.
How much harm I have done in my past lives?!
What? Was I Hitler? 

I can't take this forever. 
I need my luck to change. 

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