Facebook unblocked my author blog

It happened after I published the previous post.
I sent them other 4 messages and included the link to my latest post.
Then I asked someone to attempt to publish a link from my blog and see what happens.
It was classified as spam and removed - blocked really because it never went live.
I asked the person to go to the help page and let them know that the link is not spam.
Facebook unblocked my blog immediately after that.

The only message I got was: "We've checked and this is not going against our community standards."
It was an automatic message.
Then it reinstated a few of my posts.
I didn't check to see if are all there.
I have lost too much time already.

I am not sure why they treated my links as spam.
I don't know why they thought that my blog is unsafe.
They didn't tell me.

It would have been nice to receive an apology.
Not because they blocked my links by mistake, but because I had to send them at least 80 messages to ask them to check.
I've waited a month to get this resolution.
I lost so much energy, faith and time.
Time in which I thought the worst.
They never listened. They never checked. They let me fry and twist.
I was powerless.

As I said, Facebook brings me readers.
I appreciate its value for any person who has a blog.
I also believe that Facebook is amazing if you don't become addictive.
But that's valid for everything. Every game, every social network, every other activity that you can't quit.
Everything has its pros and cons. Just balance and be sensible.
It's not Facebook's fault if you can't quit.

Anyway, I am happy that Facebook allows me to publish again.
That's the only thing that matters.
But I don't feel like saying "thank you." This should have never happened.

Google blocked my blogs twice. I mean, they blocked them to go live. Thousand of pages. They were removed from everywhere. Disappeared. Like they were never there.

That was a huge problem. I thought I lost 2 years of my life. 

I had to wait for them to check. They checked and said it was a mistake. The robots mistook my blogs for something else. They put them back immediately and informed me right away.
I breathed relieved.
10 minutes later, I received another automatic message in which I was told (again) that my blogs (https://reteteindraznete.blogspot.ro and https://eumerit.blogspot.ro) were removed from the public eyes.
I almost had a heart attack.
I thought they were playing with me.
They weren't.
The robots made another error. The same blogs blocked twice in a week.
That was very harsh.
But after another close consideration, my blogs were reinstated.
As before.
No apology that time either.
That time I thought I would die.

These things happen. But at least Google didn't take a month to fix an error they made.
Besides, I only had to send 1 message each time. Not 80.

I believe that Facebook has a very poor customer service.
I feel that Facebook doesn't care at all because they will always have clients.
And that's not good.
But is it really their fault?

May the universe be always on your side.

Image from Pixabay

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