Global Love Day - Love Begins With Me

When I was a child in my communist country, I didn't know there were so many people out there.
I didn't know we were all different.... looking, feeling, loving, believing, thinking.

When I went to a boarding school, I found that I was one of the fewest of my religion.
My shock was planetary. It was inconceivable.

When the communist regime fell, we were exposed to all this and infinitely more in a heartbeat.
It was chaos.
We were confused but I was young and I embraced diversity although it wasn't easy.

The more I got to know people... diverse people... the more I loved them.

I've been hurt by people. We all been hurt. But maybe we hurt too...
You know that we are not all alike.
Most of us have a heart and a soul.

I don't care who you love, who you worship, who or what you believe in, if You are a good person, then I love You. I hope You love Me too. 

Be The Love.
Share The Love.
Happy Global Love Day Everyone! 

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