My First Non-Fiction eBook is Great on Kindle! - Oranges at Christmas

Are you a self-published author? 
How many good things happened to you since you started this daunting career? 

To me, not many. Honestly... NONE until a few days back when a newspaper published an article about me.
It's a newspaper in my language and I don't think many of you speak it. Unless, of course, you are one of my fellow connationals.

Anyway, after this amazing publicity and achievement, I received an email from Amazon that made me burst in tears... of happiness!

The email was signed by a very nice Amazon manager and it said this:

"Hi Cristina,

We’re excited to tell you that your book, Oranges at Christmas in a Communist Country: A Memoir: Inspirational True to Fact Stories, has been enrolled in a new Amazon beta program called Great on Kindle - a program for high quality nonfiction eBooks that make them easier for customers to discover.

Oranges at Christmas in a Communist Country: A Memoir: Inspirational True to Fact Stories has been enrolled in Great on Kindle because it meets the program’s high quality standards and includes features readers love like high resolution images, X-Ray content, Enhanced Typesetting, error free text, and more.

As part of Great on Kindle, we are experimenting with things like a detail page message that helps readers discover high quality books..."

This is literally the best news I had since I've published my first book in December of 2016.
And you won't believe it: this was (is) my first book, but in a slightly different version.

For you it might mean nothing, but it means the world to me.

This breath of luck might have the power to break the chain of way too many negative events in my life.
After the article and this, is certainly looks that way.
And I deserve it because I really work so much.

I can't thank Amazon enough. I am so, so happy.

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