Happy Earth Day! - Save the Planet

I love earth and you love it it too. 
However, every single day of our lives we contribute at its destruction consciously and unconsciously. I am writing a book about it: it's called the Lilith Charter. 

It's so scary when I think about the fact that one day our planet will give up providing us food and a fresh air to breath. 

Each of us is guilty. Either we admit or not. 
There are people who are gultier than others, yet, they don't care and refuse to change and do better.

We have to start planting trees everywhere possible. I mean, there are loads of empty land that nobody uses. We should plant trees. Maybe not huge trees, tiny trees. Maybe fruit trees for the birds and animals to eat. It's not that difficult. 

I am a fervid electricity, water and gas saver. But not only. I was taught by my beloved father that wasting anything is no good to the planet. 
I never leave the water running while I brush my teeth. 
I never leave the lights on if I am not in a room. Not even for a second. 
I never heat a room I don't leave in. 

We should all recycle not because it's the law, but because we have a heart and a brain. 
What would we leave to our grandchildren? 
A planet incapable of producing food, oxygen, fuel, etc.? 
A planet were the storms, hurricanes, hailstones are a normal thing? 

We need cars, we need food, we need electricity, water, etc. in order to survive. 
But our necessary kills the planet little by little. 
All I say is that wasting all these kills our planet faster and irremediably. 

I would like you to reflect upon your behaviour towards the planet that loves you. 
I would like you to think twice before leaving the water running with no purpose. 

Please, do not leave the lights on just because you're too lazy to switch them off. This is the most popular waste that I encounter every day of my life. I never agreed with it and it hurts my soul when I know that little things might prolong the earth days, and we refuse to realise.

Let's all be considerate. 
Let's not try to do what we can, but do everything in our power to be humans. 
We have to respect the land we walk on. 
It is not ours. 


Picture from Pixabay


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