1st day of Spring Covered in Snow in the UK

I don't know where you live or if snow is common in your area.
I grew up in the snow... if I can say that.
The winter was always long.. it last for at least 5 months.
The temperatures were often 35° Celsius under 0.
At -35° Celsius even breathing was difficult.
So I am used to the snow. I missed it so much!

Snow is rare in the UK, rare like the rain in the desert.

But today, 1st of March 2018, it has been snowing since this morning.
There is at least 40 cm of a fluffy white blanket on the roads.
It looks like proper winter. It is cold and... awesome!!!

I sit on the bed looking out the window.
I adore the snow and I am mesmerised by the myriads of shiny snowflakes falling from the grey sky.

At times, the flakes seem terribly angry and they fall in all directions at once, like they are fighting against one another and against everything else.

Some other times they seem tired, so they fall without opposing resistance, like they're dead.

And other times they waltz.
I love waltz and I love snow.

What a magical day is today, 1st of March 2018.
All schools are closed in the city.
Most workplaces too.
Many shops had to follow because people are afraid to drive on the snow.
How can you blame them?
Their cars are not prepared for winter. It’s very dangerous not to have winter tires.
Why risking incidents and accidents?
It's better to stay inside.
It's a great opportunity to spend some quality time with the dearest ones.
Maybe cuddling with your kids, partner or pets.
Isn't this a dream?
I mean... don't we all want to have lazy days like this?

Since when is snowing a thing in England?

I missed the snow so, so so much...
I had to have a walk... I had to feel the crunchiness under my feet.

My heart is filled with joy.
I am so grateful for today.. even if I didn't have a free day from work as I don't work on Thursday. 
I am grateful even if it wasn't a lazy day for me - I have been writing since I got up this morning.
I am grateful even if I had no one to cuddle with... This is my choice. 

There are people who had to work today and maybe some encountered loads of issues in providing the right support to elderly and ill. 
I feel very sad for that and I hope no one had to suffer today. 
I wish nobody suffered in the future either. 

Happy Saint David's Day and Mărțișor!

Share the love. Always.

Romanian Mărțișor

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