Free e-books for you on my birthday

What a day I am having...
I wish I could say that I am having a blast, but it's the exact opposite.
Never mind, I am still alive and I learned another lesson. It will hopefully help me in the future.

Today is my birthday.
However, I am not celebrating the day I was born in, but the day I started to live. 
On this day, the 14th of November, four years ago, I have decided to fight to fulfill my impossible dream.
The dream of becoming a writer. The dream of making people laugh, cry, fight, hope, believe, love when reading my books.
The same emotions I felt while reading "Les Misérables" by Victor Hugo.
I was 8.
Since that day, I wanted to become a writer, but I was born a farmer during a very oppressive communist regime. And children like me were not allowed to dream, they were required to work the land, to pay the debts of the country that Ceausescu made.
So I never dared to dream. And because I never dreamed, I never lived.

When I turned 40, I promised myself that I will start acting upon that dream and live.
I started right away.
It wasn't easy, on the contrary, as my English wasn't that good.
I worked night and day, I studied, I educated myself, I learned how to self-publish and I wrote.
A year later, on the 25th of December, I have published my first book ever: "Oranges at Christmas in a Communist Country".

Free e-books for you on Romanian author's Cristina G. birthday

It wasn't the first story I wrote, but the first to publish as 25th of December is the day the communist dictator was shot dead.
A sad day for my family and I. Christmas was our favorite holy day and it was ruined forever.
We cried and twisted in pain. For him, Nicolae Ceaușescu and for his wife, Elena Ceaușescu. They deserved to be punished for what they did to their people, but what happened then wasn't fair. It should have never happened. Not like that. Not on that day.

Anyway, today is my fourth anniversary of the day I started to live.
And I am happy so from today, Thursday - 14th of November and until Monday, 18th of November, four (4) of my 12 books written in English are free to download from Amazon.

  • Childless: How to Cope with Endometriosis & Vulvodynia – Holistic Approach
  • The Heaviness of Breathing: A testament of forlorn hope
  • iLive: Emotional Abuse on Women who Love too Much
  • Oranges at Christmas in a Communist Country: An Inspirational Memoir 
Free e-books for you on Romanian author's Cristina G. birthday
This is the worst book ever written. Seriously.

Please download them now and feel free to read them later.  
And if you like them and feel it in your heart, please write a review. 

And if you read Romanian, you might want to read this:

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