Is success a matter of talent, money or is it pure luck?

Success has never been only a matter of talent as I used to believe since I can remember.
Now that I am inside the world of writers who work for fame and recognition, I can say it for sure.

You don't have to be a born writer to make it in this world.
You don't even have to have great writing skills.
You don't have to have amazing stories.
What you need is Luck.

Of course, there are several types of luck.

For some people, it's just plain and simple luck. 
They write a book.
The right person meets them in a way or another, and the book becomes an international success.

What does "a way or another" means?
Well, some people are born into families with connections, or they make connections during their lives.
Maybe they have a teacher in school that likes them.
It could be that a colleague with connections fancies them.
Maybe they meet someone on the train, at a party, at a meeting, etc.

I heard uncountable stories like that.
Good for them. I wish I had their luck.

Is success a matter of luck by Romanian author Cristina G.

For most people (average if you want, ordinary if you must), people like me, success is a matter of determination, discipline and an incredible amount of hard work. 
Work without a pause.
Work when everybody else rests and has fun.
And you know what?
Even in these cases, success is not guaranteed if the right door doesn't open when you knock on it.

Is success a matter of luck by Romanian author Cristina G.

Some other people have a lot of money so they invest hugely in the publication of the book. 
They pay for every step of the publication process:
  • Cover
  • Formatting
  • Reviews
  • Promotion and advertising campaigns, etc. 
Heck, some go as far as paying others to write their books.

I was once in a Poundland shop when my brother and I noticed a shelf filled with books.
My eyes blurred with tears. I couldn't imagine my books exposed like that.
I felt a pain in my heart.
I took one of those books in my hands. It was a hardcover one. A huge book that weighed at least 2 kgs. I figured it cost at least £ 12 to produce the book (printing, paper, hardcover) and they were selling it with £ 1.
I almost fainted thinking of the trees destroyed to make the paper for that heavy book.
Have these people ever heard of print-on-demand?
Who writes a book then sends it to Poundland to be sold?
There are libraries for that if you really print too many copies.
I am still shocked.

Then I went to a library nearby.
Entire shelves with books priced at £ 0,25 (25 pence).
I cried again for the same reasons above.

Back then I didn't know that you can publish your book on your own. 
Then I found out and I was even more surprised than before because I learned how expensive that is.

Some people have a lot of money and they can afford to throw it out of the window.
But other people, like me, invest all their savings into publishing a book. "I have a dream... "

We can't afford to lose this money - we need to pay the bills - yet, we lose it anyway.
Because we cannot compete against those who have large (or unlimited) sums of money to invest.
We need intensive advertising campaigns and someone to push our book, otherwise, we will never be successful.
The absolute and honest truth is that Success, for talented people with no opportunities, is a mix between continous hard work, belief and luck. Without these three blended to perfection, you'll never make it. 
Is success a matter of luck by Romanian author Cristina G.

Whoever says otherwise is because they are not aware of anything.
Many people are convinced that if a story is amazing, it will most certainly be a success.
Yes, as I said, I used to think that too.
Not anymore. Now I know that talent and or an amazing story are never enough to have recognition.

Do you know that from the beginning of time successful creative people (writers, poets, painters, composers, etc.) had someone that sponsored and promoted their work? 
Aristrocats (rich people) used to vaunt the fact they were paying people to create.

Do a research online. You would be surprised.

Even those who gained fame after their death had to be hugely promoted by someone.
There is no such a thing that you produce something beautiful and it becomes an overnight success with no advertising. 
That is what naive people, like me, believe.

Listen to Stephen King, George R.R. Martin, J.k. Rowling and so many others' stories.

I won't give names, but tell me how come so many untalented people are everywhere: TVs, radios, etc..
Explain that and other mysteries in this world.

That shouldn't discourage you.
I mean, I feel crestfallen sometimes, many times.
I crawl and twist in despair because I invested and sacrificed everything.
I know I am talented and I know that I have an outstanding potential, yet, I am nowhere close to where I deserve to be.

However, I don't give up. I will never give up. I can't give up.
Writing is my life.
Never give up!
If you give up, you'll never make it.
And if at the end of your journey on this earth you didn't make it, is because you gave up too early. 
I wish it was easier for people like you and me, but that's the way it is and we need to roll up our sleeves and work harder.
We need to pray and believe.
And at some point, someone will notice us amid the sweat and the struggles.... among the billions of writers.

And if my life ends before seeing that, then I'll leave this world knowing that I did my absolute best to make it happen.
I will close my eyes smiling while a lonely tear will roll down my wrinkled face.

Until then, I write, love and pray. 

Author for Fife or for a Living book by author Cristina G.
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