Facebook retracted the warning: Cristina Gherghel

Facebook retracted the warning!!!
Get out of here! 
For real?!

Check this print screen of my Facebook profile out (taken on the 7th of August 2021).   
What do you see? 

Cristina Gherghel-Facebook-Profile

Now compare it with this other one taken today (09 August 2021).  

Warning removed!!! 

Honestly, I can’t quite believe it. 

Wrote about it on Linkedin too.

I’ve never thought Facebook will read my open letter and actually withdraw the unwarranted admonition given on the 25th of July 2021.
I thought they wouldn’t give a damn.
To be frank, I was expecting to be kicked out for good.

In that almost unavoidable eventuality, I spent some time trying to come up with ideas of how to attract attention to my righteous plea for justice.
Contacting newspapers was going to be the next step. 

But today, when I received an email from the... whatever or whoever they are impersonating,... 

How did this joke of a page escape you, Facebook?  

Some time ago I tried to open another account and you've blocked me instantly! 
I don't understand how Facebook works. 
It makes no sense to me. 
None whatsoever. 

Anyway, mistakes can happen. We're only humans. 

After checking out the above abomination, I was brave enough to log on to my personal account, and the warning disappeared in thin air. Like it was never there.

Have they read my letter, or is it a coincidence? 

Maybe a manager discovered the villain behind this folly, reviewed their dishonest actions and… Ta-da!
A clean profile. Neat. As it should be. 
You look at that.
I am (almost) speechless (wordless?!).

That’s actually because I am tired. I couldn’t sleep last night – I lost sleep since Facebook has partnered with my abuser (another and again) and sanctioned me instead of them – therefore, I wrote another appeal to righteousness.


I sincerely think that all this babel is the work of a member of Facebook’s staff who doesn’t like me.

It can’t have something to do with my activities, content, replies, comments and such because there aren’t many accounts on Facebook as innocuous as mine.

There have been a lot more, but Facebook’s oversights made them close their accounts. It was a toxic environment, like all social networks.

Let’s face it, how much content is valuable in these places? 
Infinite frivolity, falsity, frustration, negativity etc.  
Not worth it (as an individual).

Why have I  a pacifist  fought for the removal of the warning then? 

If you asked yourself that, then I don’t have to answer. Do I?

Facebook – or the owner for that matter – is not to blame. Well, not entirely and not directly.

If it’s true that the warning was a personal vendetta of a singular person, and not based on a faulty program, then Facebook is responsible for its staff.

Do you know what? 

If Facebook paid attention to those who report activities like mine (differential)  
If it questioned the reasons behind such actions (when not justified) 
But most importantly if they actually REALLY AND PHYSICALLY checked the content (in this case, mine), warnings like these would be giving sparsely (to innocent members). 

It's a lot to ask, I know. 
I am a reasonable person. 
It can't be done. 
That's why they need to keep a Green list alongside the Black one.  
My name should be on the Green one because I have never, ever infringed the community rules and I will never do. 
It's in my nature to be a rule-follower. 
Heredity from the communist regime that I treasure. 
However, I don't do it for the love of the law, but for the love of people. 
I choose to be a respectful person. Always. 
I strive to be good, regardless of what's been done to me. 

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
My Golden Rule. 

I would love Facebook to have an internal investigation, query the staff who partner with bullies, offenders, abusers, vile creatures etc. and sanction innocent members as a result.  
Train them properly or fire them if they are incapable of distinguishing between the good and the bad... ‘numbers’. 
Because that’s what we all are: numbers. To every company. To the entire world. Numbers.
There isn’t something to feel outraged about.

I won’t say thanks for the removal of my warning. I shouldn’t have been punished in the first place. They should do a thorough check, unbiased, before issuing such a threat.

Is there is any reason to be grateful for this? 

I’ve given much thought… because I lost my sleep since this… what a waste of time and energy. 
I have so many things to do. 
So many responsibilities. 

Do I really need to be on Facebook? 
Do I want to be there? 

I don't know anymore. 

It's not that I am not happy with the removal of the ammunition, I just don't think it's enough. 

An explanation of why that happened on their platform and an apology should have been in order.
Because I will always look over my shoulder and ask myself what have I done wrong. 
I am still in the dark. 
  • I am a bad person?
  • Is it my name that made them fail to notice the reports of genuine content?
  • My nationality?
  • My looks?
  • My beliefs?
  • Am I too catholic?
  • Is my body too covered in my pictures?
  • Am I not worthy of being here? Not worthy of wanting to help others?
  • Should I be here?
  • Why I am here?
  • Can I share this?
  • Would they issue another warning?
  • Would they remove my pages? Block my content? Twist my messages? Erase my hard work?
I was raised during a communist regime. I know what censure is. It shaped my life. 

Mistakes happen. I know it too well.

Facebook's mistaken the actions of vindictive and evil people as genuine and reliable.

After they allowed them to bully me publicly, smear my reputation, ruin my credibility, they partnered with them and punished me for their crimes.

Whatever I do, I ask myself: 'would I like to hear, read, deal with that, be accused of, criticised, questioned, condemned for x and y; is it fair, just, appropriate?' 
If the answer is 'yes', I go along. If not, I take a step back and reason. 
I don't accuse people. 
I don't condemn them in absence. 

Whoever gave the order or the permission for that warning to be issued, asked themselves if it's fair? 
On what grounds? 
Or it was a plain and simple abuse of power? 
Personal vendetta? 

This is not over.
They haven’t fixed the wrongdoing properly.
They've penalised my pages too when you gave me that warning. They’ve taken them aback, away from people’s eyes. 
They need to reinstate my credibility. 
After years of abuse, it's only fair. 

They know how I know. 
They know everything.

God, I am so tired. 


  1. si eu am patit-o cu fb din cauza algoritmilor sau a unor ”binevoitori” care raporteaza postarile.

  2. Da. Ori e una ori e alta, dar mai sigur din cauza "binevoitorilor". Ticalosi. Dar daca continutul nu merita raportat, de ce nu se iau masuri in privinta acestor lighioane de fiinte, care n-au nimic mai bun de facut cu timpul lor?
    Pentru asta ma lupt.
    M-am saturat de cate ori m-au raportat. Abuz curat.


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